5 Reasons Pima is the 'Cashmere of Cottons'

In short, Pima is called the 'cashmere of cottons' because it's the softest, strongest cotton in the world.  It's so soft that I walk into my office every morning and want to pet our samples.  When we were designing our launch collection, we did some blind quality tests with savvy parents.  Everyone kept coming back to the Pima cotton pieces for their silky feel.   We fell in love and made our entire first collection from world renowned Peruvian Pima.  

5 Best Things about Pima?

  1. It's rare: Pima only accounts for 1% of global cotton 
  2. The better known "Egyptian Cotton" earned its luxurious reputation for qualities shared with Pima
  3. It has the longest staple (fiber) of any cotton varietal  
  4. When the long staples are woven together, there are fewer breaking points making it the softest and strongest (most pill resistant) cotton
  5. It's a hypoallergenic, natural fiber

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