5 Questions w/ Sally King McBride of The Letter Nest

First of all, what's your star sign? 

Which is your favorite sign in the Paper Cape x The Letter Nest print? 

L for Leo took me a number of tries to get just right, and it ended up really anchoring the pattern!

Tell us about your design process. Where do you start? 

I always start with research: art historical sources underlie many of my best ideas for The Letter Nest. Having spent over ten years working at The Met, a stroll through their website always sparks my creativity and level of nostalgia conducive to painting. 

How did you decide to focus on children's spaces with The Letter Nest? 

I had been taking commissions for portraits and landscapes throughout my time at The Met, but gradually, friends and family kept requesting the watercolor Name Paintings I'd been creating as baby gifts. Around 2017, I started brainstorming a way to scale this business, and the idea of themed watercolor alphabets—printed-to-order as posters or customized name prints—soon took hold. I started with four themes when I launched The Letter Nest: Animals, Flower, Construction, and Circus, and now I'm up to twelve, including the Astrology Alphabet that inspired our collaboration. I love operating in the children's space: it's a welcome challenge to create something that will delight them as much as their caregivers and families. 

Do you paint with your boys? Any tips for parents about how to get creative with their kids? 

My advice is to foster artistic appreciation with as much interaction as possible—even if it's an activity that's supposed to be quiet or solemn, like visiting a museum, or reading a book. As for art-making: I try to leave my kids to their own devices when it comes to generating creativity. And despite my every effort, clean-up time is still a highly collaborative process. :-) 

Here are Sally's boys in our PJs ♥️...


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